Top 5 health and safety risks at construction site

The construction industry fatality rate is higher than any other industry. The employers are responsible for looking after the health and safety issues of the workers. Here are the top health and safety risks associated with the construction site.


Working at height

Workers need to work at great heights when constructing the building. Many accidents occur due to height-related injuries. Mobility restrictions increase the risks involved with heights. The employers need to arrange for safety awareness training for the workers.

Slips, trips, and falls

This happens almost daily. Many different activities are going on at the construction site at the same time. There are stored materials and equipment lying everywhere. They are not always kept at secure places. People often overlook these things and so get injured by slipping or falling.

Hand arm vibration syndrome

It is also known as ‘blue finger.’ It is a serious disease of the blood vessels, joints, and nerves that result from prolonged use of the vibratory power tools and other equipment. Many employers don’t provide any protection or compensation for this disease. The chance of this disease increases with the use of poorly maintained equipment.


Material handling and lifting

The workers need to constantly lift and move the materials and equipment around on a construction site. There is a risk in handling the equipment. Proper training must be carried out so that the workers can lift heavy things in the right way without causing back pain or other health problems.

Working with electrical wires

Every year, a number of construction workers are electrocuted during refurbishment work of buildings. People who work near power lines and cables have more risk of getting electrocuted. Electricians and plumbers are also at high risk due to working with electrical wires.

All construction companies must follow the health and safety guidelines and properly train their workers. This will reduce the rate of getting injured while working.